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Career chances

Services for RUB employees

You enjoy working at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, but are also looking for new professional challenges?

The campus has many professions to offer. Visit the job portal to check out our current vacancies.

In addition, RUB provides an extensive further education programme for all employees, where they have the chance to continuously improve their professional competencies.

RUB also offers relevant assistance for all other aspects of its employees’ daily routine. Do you need support regarding childcare, private tutoring, or help at home? You can place a free ad in the section for private individuals.


Career at RUB

The Ruhr-Universität’s campus offers ample opportunity to pursue your career of choice.

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In-house training

Each RUB employee has the chance to find tailor-cut training programmes at the university.

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Other service

RUB offers a number of additional services and contacts for its employees.

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