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Co-founder to join a future start-up company

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03.02.2020 - 15:30
Wer gründet mit?


The start-up aims to employ artificial lighting such as LED to farm microalgae in industrial scale, firstly as human supplement or food, then as protein-rich animal feed in later stages. Microalgae farming with artificial lighting gives the possibility of food production that is not based on land cleared from forest, and is independent of climate abnormality. Thus, given a competitive price, algae might have the potential to fully replace conventional animal feed such as soy or corn whose farming nowadays greatly harms rainforests and freshwater reservoirs all across the world.

Currently, we are applying for funding from Start-up Transfer.NRW (Deadline: April 30th) in order to pay the two founders for an initial trial period of 18 months starting end of 2020 as well as equipment for a first testbed installation. The co-founder is hence involved from the very first steps on, requiring contributions to the funding application as well as attending the necessary pitch in front of the ministry for economy of Northrhine Westphalia.


Candidate requirements:

-German native speaker, high English proficiency

-minimum Bachelor degree holder, better Master’s degree (at least when the funding period end of 2020 will start) in management, economics, law, or similar business-related subjects to complement the skill set of the other co-founder being a chemist.

-Adaption to challenge-intense working environment

-Intention to help preserve biodiversity



-Assist the founding team in throughout the steps of funding application, and other government-related processes

-Discover and expand the market of microalgae as food and animal feed


We offer:

-Exciting and intensive experience of founding a company

-18-month employment at RUB (according to TV-L E13 salary) after Start-up Transfer.NRW funding is approved

-Co-founder and CEO position in the start-up company

Contact: Mr. Saw      en.saw@rub.de


Mr. Saw
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