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PhD position (m/f/d) 3 years 25,88 h/w

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The Ruhr-Universität Bochum is one of the leading research universities. The university draws its strengths from both the diversity and the proximity of scientific and engineering disciplines on a single, coherent campus. This highly dynamic setting enables students and researchers to work across traditional boundaries of academic subjects and faculties.

Soils in Sub-Saharan Africa are naturally low in SOC and nutrients and they are often further degraded by unsustainable land management practices. Available organic soil amendments are either mineralized quickly or are unsuitable for improving soil fertility. Therefore, it will be investigated in a DFG-funded binational project, if co-composting of municipal organic residues with biochar can produce an amendment for urban agricultural soils that is suitable for providing nutrients without being too rapidly mineralized. To this end, composting trials, greenhouse and field experiments will be carried out in in collaboration with a PhD student (m/f/d) at Cape Coast University in Ghana and supplemented by a broad range of physico-chemical, biological analyses, greenhouse gas measurements and incubation experiments.  

Your responsibilities

  • Setting up compost production and monitor greenhouse gas emissions during composting in Ghana.
  • Analyzing biochar exposed in mesh bags during composting.
  • Conducting laboratory incubation studies with co-composts and soil samples.
  • Determining complete C- and N-balances for pot and field trials in Ghana

If the position is funded by third-party funds the employee has no teaching obligation.

Travel expenses for interviews cannot be refunded.

At Ruhr-Universität Bochum, we wish to promote careers of women in areas in which they have been underrepresented, and we would therefore like to encourage female candidates to send us their applications. Applications by suitable candidates with severe disabilities and other applicants with equal legal status are likewise most welcome.


  • MSc degree in geography, geoecology, agriculture, or related disciplines with a focus on soil science or soil ecology.
  • Fundamental knowledge of soil organic matter turnover and the associated microbial processes.
  • Readiness to work in the field under climatically and technically challenging conditions.
  • Knowledge of a broad range of soil analytical techniques and statistics.
  • Fluent knowledge of English, German is of advantage.
  • Ability and willingness to work in a dedicated team with an international background


Herr Prof. Dr. Bernd Marschner
44801 Bochum
+49 234 3222108

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