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PhD Student (m/f/d) 25,8 h/w 25,8 h/w until 31.12.2022

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01.03.2019 - 12:15


The Ruhr-Universität Bochum is one of the leading research universities. The university draws its strengths from both the diversity and the proximity of scientific and engineering disciplines on a single, coherent campus. This highly dynamic setting enables students and researchers to work across traditional boundaries of academic subjects and faculties.

Prof. Dr. Onur Güntürkün, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Department of Biopsychology, invites applicants for a position of a

PhD Student (m/f/d) (TV-L 12/13, 25,8 h/w)

Project description
The position is part of the newly established DFG (German Research Foundation) collaborative research center SFB 1372 “Magnetoreception and navigation in vertebrates: from biophysics to brain and behavior”. The SFB 1372 is going to discover how vertebrate navigation and magnetoreception work. Our project “Multisensory integration of navigational information in the avian telencephalon” seeks to discover novel sensory projections within the visual and the magnetoreceptive systems of the pigeon’s forebrain. Aiming to identify the pathways from sensing to acting during navigation in birds its studies involve tract tracing, immunocytochemistry and behavioral analyses combined with molecular imaging.
In our lab, we offer excellent scientific conditions, an extremely friendly and cooperative environment and close interactions with the colleagues at the Oldenburg University (

If the position is funded by third-party funds the employee has no teaching obligation.

Please send your application as a single PDF file, to The deadline for applications is April 13th, 2019.

There is a possibility for video call in case of longer distances.

Travel expenses for interviews cannot be refunded.

At Ruhr-Universität Bochum, we wish to promote careers of women in areas in which they have been underrepresented, and we would therefore like to encourage female candidates to send us their applications. Applications by suitable candidates with severe disabilities and other applicants with equal legal status are likewise most welcome.


We are looking for a highly skilled and enthusiastic PhD student with a background in neurobiology and/or neuroanatomy. Techniques that will be relevant are all modern light microscopic tracing techniques as well as knowledge of immediate early genes studies for molecular imaging.


Frau Sandra Linn
44809 Bochum
+49 234 3224634

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Institut / Einrichtung
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Department of Biopsychology
Zeitraum der Beschäftigung
The position starts as soon as possible and is limited due to project reasons until 31.12.2022.
Samstag, 13. April 2019 - 23:59


TV-L 12/13